05 julio 2010

Puerto Viejo

This weekend 4 of us went to Puerto Viejo, to enjoy a bit of sun and beach!

Barbara (Brazil), Anne (Canada), Isaac (Costa Rica), Laura (Mexico) and Pablo (Colombia)

Puerto Viejo is a nice beach in the Caribbean Coast, about 60km south from Puerto Limón, in the province of Limón.

Transparent water, chilled atmosphere, nice beaches for swimming, some good spots for snorkleing and also nice some nice places for surfing... we do recommend this place! :)

Useful information:
* How to get there (from San Jose):
Take the bus from Caribe Terminal (calle central, av. 15). The direct bus departs at 6:00, 10:00, 14:00 and 16:00 and costs 4.500 colones. The trip takes 4h30.
If you are taking the first bus in the morning, we advice you to arrive very early (5h30) to make sure you can get a ticket!

To come back, you can buy the ticket when you arrive to Puerto Viejo (to guarantee you'll have a seat back home). The last bus to come back departs at 4pm (and you get to San Jose at 8h30pm).

* Where to stay:
We stayed at Rocking J's hostel. It's a nice place, beachfront. We paid 3.800 colones for a tent (with mattress, pillow and bedsheets), but you can also pay 3.100 for a hammock or around 5.000 for a dorm!

* What to do:
You can rent a bike and go for a bike tour to the beaches of Cocles (good for surfing), Punta Uva (good for swimming) and Manzanillo (we didn't get there!).
At the hostel you can rent a bike for US$ 5 per day. And very close to the hostel there's a place you can rent for US$ 3 for half day.

(just take care as locals told us there're many thiefs in the area, so you have to be careful while biking or walking around)

* Where to eat:
Eating there is expensive! To avoid very turistic prices, you can try the "sodas" near the Megasuper. We had traditional "rice and beans" with chicken for 2.400 colones ;)

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